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Gary L. Renier Photography
Alan Murphy Photography
What began as a peaceful and passionate hobby, Alan has now refined into a growing photography business.  Besides the numerous photographs he loves to acquire, Alan is equally enthusiastic about leading workshops and teaching other photographers how to capture the perfect image.
Art Morris Photography
Arthur Morris is a free-lance nature photographer and writer specializing in birds. He is widely recognized as the world’s premier bird photographer and as one of the top nature photography educators of his time.
Anabran Imagery — Mike Tuziw
Most of our photographs are characterized by long exposures, soft images, and eye popping colors. Using dynamic compositions, the photographs are mood evoking, inspirational and create a sense of joy and wonderment.
Idocs Photo Tour
Breathtaking nature photography is our passion, the national parks of the United States is our setting, and Idocs Photo Tours is our contribution to nature photographers all over the world — packed with detailed descriptions of the most breathtaking, scenic photo locations in North America.
Nikon USA
Nikon is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance.
Moose Peterson Wildlife Photography
A Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, Lexar Elite Photographer, recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award, Research Associate with the Endangered Species Recovery Program, published in over 130 magazines worldwide, author of 23 books, lectures across the country.
Ty Smedes Nature Photography
Nature and Iowa photography, prints, writing, travel information, Iowa agriculture, rural and small-town cultural events, other free-lance services. A full-time outdoor writer and Iowa photographer with more than 100,000 photo images to supply your wildlife, wildflower, and scenic images.
for capturing remarkable wildlife images
Gary L. Renier Photography, Aviation, Wildlife, Birds, Landscapes
Foreground, mid-ground and background, all must come together in a pleasing three

dimensional world on a two dimensional surface. The Landscape Photographer must create depth with dynamic light, shadows and interest from front-to-back, top-to-bottom, side-to-side.

Gary L. Renier Photography, Aviation, Wildlife, Birds, Landscapes
  Their colors, their beauty, their actions, their sounds and shapes beautify nature.  
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Gary L. Renier Photography, Aviation, Wildlife, Birds, Landscapes   “Legends of Aviation” — Working birds and war birds — flown by men and women who built and defended the USA.  
Gary L. Renier Photography, Aviation, Wildlife, Birds, Landscapes
A diverse and fascinating group of mammals that are nocturnal, secretive and elusive. The Wildlife Photographer must have patience and knowledge of the subject to portray the animal in a pleasing manner.
The Word photography originates from the Greek words:
Photo = light
Graphe = painting, drawing, writing
Therefore: PHOTOGRAPHY is painting with light.
Capturing that moment in time, never to return again.
Gary L. Renier Photography, Aviation, Wildlife, Birds, Landscapes
  The goal of the Nature Photographer is to record the natural world without distress to the elements or the environment.  
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